Executive Recruitment

Career Works has a professional network and team of highly experienced talent acquisition experts who engage in the executive search service for our customers.

Finding the right candidate at the leadership level is challenging for most clients. We provide recruiting expertise to locate top talent that possesses the skills necessary to succeed in a tough, competitive environment. Career Works firmly believes that success lies in hiring the right leadership, which is why we have invested a lot in building our Executive Search capabilities. The process of executive search starts with detailed understanding of our customers need in the leadership hire; this involves understanding of clients strategic goals, competencies required for fulfillment of goals, specific leadership skill needs and the organization culture. We approach each Executive Search with sound processes, assessments, screening procedures and technologies in order to deliver measurable results.

Each search begins with a careful assessment of the short and long-term performance objectives of the position. We prepare a detailed position description and use a combination of strategies and techniques to identify potential candidates. Through pre-screening, interviews, and assessments, we find candidates who precisely match your requirements. Identifying and developing leaders and team members that can sustain the success of a business and drive it forward is a constant challenge and an ongoing process. We thrive on time-sensitive and difficult-to-fill positions.

Our Executive Search team offers clients a truly unique experience. We use our past search knowledge to identify and place candidates with the ideal background, attitude and cultural fit. We work to identify the traits, skills, behaviors, and competencies needed to fulfill the position responsibilities. Utilizing assessments and a multi-step screening process we are able to provide a complete candidate profile that would not be possible through a standard interview.