Contract Recruiting

The Career Works is the Leader in the Field of Contract and Contingent Staffing. We provide qualified personnel to companies that require personnel for short term contracts of 3 months to a 2 year contract term to perform their daily task or work on special projects.

Whether you have a special one-off project, or crucial staff is unavailable, we can source and manage the right contractor for your business so you don't lose crucial momentum on your projects.

At The Career Works, we are perfectly placed to deliver a first class service within the fast moving contractor market. Our highly experienced recruiters, along with our contractor support team, place several high caliber technical contractors to organizations all over the world. Their aim is to provide you with the most suitable contractors quickly and efficiently.

We make it our business to achieve a managed recruitment standard within a specified time seal and budget.

Hiring professionals on subcontract will give following benefits

  • Through subcontracting, you can involve the most talented independent professional or well coordinated, experienced teams to work on specific projects.
  • With flexi staffing, you can meet temporary requirements efficiently
  • Short term positions which do not offer career growth to employees can be easily fulfilled with such temporary manpower that works through a contract for the specific timeframe or until the project is completed.
  • You can benefit from reduced overhead and administrative costs.